Agent Program

The Agent Program at PitLive 24/7 PH is a strategic opportunity for individuals looking to capitalize on their networks and knowledge of the online Sabong market. Here's an overview of how the Agent Program works, what you can expect, and how to become a part of it:

Overview of the Agent Program

The Agent Program at PitLive 24/7 PH allows individuals to earn commissions by referring new players to the platform. As an agent, you act as a bridge between potential players and PitLive 24/7 PH, promoting the platform and guiding new users in their online Sabong journey.

Benefits for Agents

  • Commission-Based Earnings: Agents earn a percentage of the bets placed by the players they refer, providing a continuous income stream based on their referrals’ activity.

  • Support and Resources: PitLive 24/7 PH provides agents with marketing materials, insights, and tools to help them effectively attract and manage new players.

  • Performance Tracking: Agents have access to a dashboard where they can monitor their performance, track earnings, and analyze the activity of their referred players.

How to Become an Agent

  1. Application: Interested individuals must apply to join the Agent Program. This usually involves filling out an application form on the PitLive 24/7 PH website or contacting their support team directly.

  2. Evaluation and Approval: PitLive 24/7 PH will evaluate the application to ensure the applicant meets the necessary criteria. This process might include a review of the applicant’s experience in affiliate marketing or related fields.

  3. Onboarding and Training: Once approved, agents undergo an onboarding process where they receive training on the platform, marketing strategies, and tools they will use to attract and manage their referrals.

  4. Start Promoting: Armed with the necessary tools and knowledge, agents can start promoting PitLive 24/7 PH. This can involve various marketing tactics, including social media promotion, word-of-mouth, and hosting events.

  5. Earn Commissions: Agents earn commissions based on the activity of the players they refer. The specifics of the commission structure will be outlined by PitLive 24/7 PH, typically involving a percentage of the net revenue generated from the referred players.

Key Considerations for Success

  • Understand the Market: Successful agents have a good understanding of the online Sabong market, including player preferences and betting behaviors.

  • Network Building: Building and maintaining a strong network of potential players is crucial for maximizing earnings as an agent.

  • Marketing Skills: Effective promotion and marketing are essential to attract new players. Utilizing digital marketing skills can significantly enhance an agent’s success rate.


The Agent Program at PitLive 24/7 PH offers a lucrative opportunity for those with a strong network and marketing skills in the online Sabong industry. By partnering with PitLive 24/7 PH, agents can leverage their expertise to earn commissions while promoting one of the leading platforms in online Sabong.